For us, the most important thing

has always been the craft.

It’s the simple act of making things that propels us forward. We’re painfully aware that, in the age of the internet, anyone can buy anything from anywhere at any time, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know that your vendor is legit.

We made a decision early on that we’d try and blinker out the rest of the world as much as possible. If we use our skills and knowledge to make the best quality products that we can, and we go to bed at night knowing that we’ve gone about it the right way – that’s all we can ask for.

We make stuff that we like – and thankfully, you guys seem to like those things too!


The materials we use are paramount to all of our products – so we’ve searched high and low for the best.

Timber: We only use ethically sourced UK hardwoods for the furniture you’ll see within the Wicked Hairpins range, and we’re on a mission to convince our customers that hardwood is the only way forward – and it shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Steel: We source most of our steel from German mills and only ever use cold rolled. This means that the steel is machined to the exact required dimensions after the rod or sheet has formed and cooled. Whilst this requires more energy than forming when hot it ensures the product is perfectly sized and of the quality you’d expect for home furnishing. Our stainless steel is bespoke-milled to our exact requirements.


We love what we do, and we only create things we really believe in. We’re constantly evolving through experimentation with new materials and different types of manufacturing, but there are a few basic principles that we hold dear.

Create a positive space: We want those who work for us to enjoy coming to work, and we believe that energy is then mirrored in the work they produce, and therefore our customer satisfaction levels.

Feed our pioneering spirit: We started making hairpins simply because they weren’t commercially available in the UK before we came along. Our design process is incredibly organic, because we like to make things that other people don’t make. We take inspiration from the everyday, rather than from the latest trends, which keeps us firmly rooted here.


Wicked is built on strong foundations, and none of what we produce is possible without our team. We’re a local bunch, and we’ve become increasingly aware of how important it is to invest locally and develop skills even further.

We’re starting an apprenticeship scheme to encourage local young people to learn a skill, and to inspire the same sense of satisfaction in what they do as we’ve experienced through learning a craft. If you know someone you’d like to put forward, please get in touch.

We’re also always interested in helping out local schools and charities, and would be happy to supply our products at a special rate. Give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.