Our Story

The story starts, as so often is the case, in a completely different place to where it is now. Beneath the rocky mountains of Colarado, a couple of worn out Londoners were living, working, and discovering a passion for reclaimed wood and custom furniture. A hundred-or-so packs of sandpaper later, and Wicked Boxcar was born – a bespoke table company founded on reusing the floorboards of decommissioned boxcar freight trains.

When Toby and Nishma brought the company back home to the UK, circa 2013, hairpins simply weren’t available to purchase in Europe. The pair spent no time fretting about it, and created the Wicked Hairpins brand to serve both their own table business, and inspire other people to get crafting their own. 

From there, Wicked Hairpins has grown bigger and better than we could ever hope. We’re now a team of 9, with our own wood shop, metal shop and stock warehouse under one roof – with an incredible range of new designs (and more on the way!), plus a new hairpin furniture range. Things are pretty damn cool. 


Launched Wicked Boxcar


Launched Wicked Hairpins


Just you wait and see… 

At least we’re happy to say

our photography skills

(and camera technology!)

have improved tenfold…