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10th April 2018

Bank Holiday DIY Projects

There's something about a bank holiday that really gets the creative juices flowing. Perhaps it's the extra day off work - the brain needs a little something extra to focus…
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23rd October 2017

Autumn DIY Projects (9 weeks until Christmas!)

Autumn is not only a stunning time of year - it's the perfect time to get stuck into a few interior projects! With only 9 weeks left until Christmas (eek!),…
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8th August 2017

Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple

There's a new favourite in our furniture range: ebonised maple! Find out what it is, how we do it, and the products you can look forward to seeing in our…
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25th July 2017

On Creativity and Creating

True creativity is hard to find these days. At Wicked, we believe it's the very best part of having our own table leg and furniture business, so we work hard…

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