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19th September 2019

Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple

There's a new favourite in our furniture range: ebonised maple! Find out what it is, how we do it, and the products you can look forward to seeing in our…
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12th August 2019

5 Tips for the Perfect Desk

A Back to School guide for Students Whether working on your next great essay or simply need a platform for crafting your latest masterpiece (hey, doodles can be masterpieces!), the…
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10th April 2018

Bank Holiday DIY Projects

There's something about a bank holiday that really gets the creative juices flowing. Perhaps it's the extra day off work - the brain needs a little something extra to focus…
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23rd October 2017

Autumn DIY Projects (9 weeks until Christmas!)

Autumn is not only a stunning time of year - it's the perfect time to get stuck into a few interior projects! With only 9 weeks left until Christmas (eek!),…

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